The Eighties

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The trial of Velikanova
Veteran activist finally prosecuted

Velikanova, Tatyana MikhailovaBetween 5 August and 9 October 1980 (see Chronicle of Current Events, No 58) twenty two people were prosecuted in the USSR in a succession of political trials. Many of the accused were arrested the previous year. Tatyana Velikanova and Father Gleb Yakunin, the two most prominent detainees, were taken into custody on 1 November 1979, a month before the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Their trials were delayed until after the 1980 Summer Olympics, held in Moscow that year. …

Gleb Pavlovsky in court
Samizdat editor and latter-day Putin adviser

On 18 August 1982 the Moscow City Court examined the case of Gleb Pavlovsky (b. 1950) who was arrested on 5 April 1982 (CCE 64). Pavlovsky was charged with offences under Article 190-1 of the RSFSR Criminal Code: “Dissemination of fabrications known to be false, which defame the Soviet political and social system” …

The Socialists’ case
Kagarlitsky, Kudyukin, Shilkov and Rivkin

Rivkin, mikhail

Mikhail Rivkin