No. 25 (258), 26 June 2017

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Seized in Ukraine, jailed in Russia —

The plight of Denis BAKHOLDIN:
seized in Ukraine, tortured and detained in Russia


More on the “Russia Day” protests

Detained protesters faced pepper spray and torture in police stations,
as well as intimidation and physical violence on the streets

Prisons; the Young; Chechnya

Last week human rights observers noted the rallies across the nation,
the youth of the protestors, conditions for prisoners and detainees,
events in Chechnya and the response of the authorities.

Keeping safe at demonstrations —

Lawyer Ilya Novikov talks to Radio Echo Moskvy


“it’s because of our peace-keeping activities” —


We’re labelled a “foreign agent” because we tried
to halt the latest conflict, says VALENTINA CHEREVATENKO

Who is behind the present charges?

Cherevatenko interviewed by the Russian Service of Voice of America

Yury Dmitriev’s many supporters —

Radio station Echo Moskvy has broadcast appeals for Dmitriev,
now on trial for a fourth week, by writer and poet Dmitry BYKOV and
“founding father of Russian rock”, BG (Boris Grebenshchikov).


 Twenty Conversations —

What lessons can be learned from Soviet-era dissidents?
Martin Dewhirst reviews  Dissidents: 20 Conversations, Gleb Morev’s interviews with Sergei Kovalev, Gleb Pavlovsky, Sergei Grigoryants, Vera Lashkova and 16 others


There are now at least 117 Political Prisoners in Russia

There are well over a hundred political prisoners in Russia today, says Memorial, and the number continues to grow. As the Memorial Human Rights Centre explains in its latest overview,
it has begun to divide its periodic lists in two, political and religious.

Seven in Hizb ut-Tahrir cases are political prisoners —

Three were convicted in Kazan in 2014 before Hizb ut-Tahrir al Islami was designated a “terrorist” organisation. Four others were found guilty in the Tatar capital in April this year.
Memorial considers them all to be political prisoners.

26 March protestor is a political prisoner —

Memorial Human Rights Centre has recognized Dmitry Krepkin,
another defendant in the ‘Case of 26 March’, as a political prisoner


LGBT Network aids 50 to flee Chechnya

Since 1 April, more than 100 gays have applied for help to the Russian LGBT Network,
almost all of them from Chechnya

Strasbourg rules against Russian legislation —

Russian legislation that bans “promotion of homosexuality to minors”,
the ruling said, encourages homophobia and discrimination.

Week ending Friday, 23 June 2017 —


♦ How many “Foreign Agent” NGOs? ♦

Over the past 18 months the numbers on the register
have changed several times