No. 9 (242), 6 March 2017

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5 March 1940 – Soviet authorities start killing
captured Polish army officers (the Katyn Massacre)

Thursday, 9 March 2017
Politkovskaya Award winner,
speaks at Pushkin House, WCIA 2TA

No Time to Cheer (editorial)
What Dadin‘s release means for other political prisoners

Dadin and Torture
The impunity of police and prison staff
in Karelia, Chechnya and Strasbourg

Don’t be Afraid
“Keep shouting about injustice,” says Zoya Svetova

Raid on Zoya Svetova’s apartment
Police and FSB spend hours searching
computer, documents and books

“No to the Gulag!”
Police search Yelena Abdullayeva’s Moscow flat

Voices from the Past
How the Soviet regime dealt with protest in 1968-9

For his political beliefs alone
A mother appeals for her son, Alexei Moroshkin,
imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital

The Nemtsov Memorial march
Documents — before and after

Insulting the President
Lev Ponomarev on a proposed new law

Looking after the State
Alexander Podrabinek : Recent trends in legislation

On Politics, Policy and the Law
Andrey Yurov — changing things for the better