No 5 (238), 6 FEBRUARY 2017

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The list of active ‘foreign agents’ today includes 103 organisations

Kara-Murza Jr again hospitalised on life support

Memorial on Shvedov, Sevastidi and situation in Chechnya

Strasbourg orders Russia to compensate Navalny

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Weekly round-up

Panfilov refuses to plead guilty

Prominent lawyer detained in Crimea

Deaths in custody

Campaign against Torture
DOCUMENT: Public Verdict’s Action


The Dadin Case:

♦ Lev Ponomarev –
Can the Constitutional Court defend the Constitution?

♦ Sergei Golubok –
The Constitutional Court hearing in the case of Ildar Dadin

♦ Anastasia Zotova – “The complaints make your hair stand on end” (Conditions inside the penal colony)

♦ Lev Ponomarev – The Jailer versus the President

♦ Aleksandr Verkhovsky – “It’s important the government supports the taboo against anti-Semitism”

DOCUMENT: Pyotr Tolstoy’s remarks

♦ Memorial – The death of Tagir Khasanov and a bogus fight against extremism

♦ Grigory Shvedov – Recent developments in Chechnya

Our thanks to this week’s translators, who include Anna Bowles, Frances Robson, Graham Jones, Joanne Reynolds, Kate Goodby, Lincoln Pigman, Marian Schwartz, Mary McAuley, Nicky Brown, Simon Cosgrove, Suzanne Eade Roberts

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