“No Thought Trials in the USSR”

 Guilty, even, of thoughts they have not expressed …

<< 1 December 2014 >>

A statement by Tatiana Khodorovich

At trials in Odessa, Moscow, Omsk and Vilnius, people have again been prosecuted and found guilty of thoughts they have expressed – and even thoughts they have not expressed.

Sentences have been passed as follows:

Vyacheslav Igrunov – sent to an ordinary psychiatric hospital;
Andrei Tverdokhlebov – 5 years’ exile;
Mustafa Dzhemilev – two and a half years in strict-regime camps;
Valery Maresin – 6 months’ corrective labour.

Certain citizens of the Soviet Union and of Western countries, have seen the seeds of liberalism in these sentences and sighed with relief. At last! A psychiatric hospital, not a psychiatric prison [“special” psychiatric hospital]; exile, not a labour camp; two and a half years imprisonment, not seven.

It is our duty to issue a warning: normal people should harbour no illusions about trials in the USSR! [Read more]

A Chronicle of Current Events (No 40), 20 May 1976
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