A Letter from Anatoly Marchenko

Crime begins with civic indifference

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17 April 1968,

Vladimir Region,
27 Novinskaya St.
the Chairman of the [USSR] Red Cross Society, G. A. Mitiryov;
the Minister of Health of the USSR, B. V. Petrovsky;
the Director of the Food Institute at the Academy of Medical Sciences, A. A. Pokrovsky;
the Patriarch of All Russia, Alexy;
the President of the Academy of Sciences, M. V. Keldysh;
the President of the Academy of Medical Sciences, V. D. Timakov;
the Director of the Institute of State and Law, Chkhikvadze;
the Rector of Moscow State University, I. G. Petrovsky;
the Chairman of the Board of the Journalists’ Union, Zimyanin;
the Chairman of the Board of the USSR Writers’ Union, K. Fedin;
the writers K. Simonov, R. Gamzatov, R. Rozhdestvensky, E. Yevtushenko.


(Copies to the UN Human Rights Commission and to the International Human Rights Conference of the United Nations)

marchenko, Anatoly (young)Five months ago I completed a book, My Testimony about the six years (1960-6) which I spent in Vladimir Prison and in camps for political prisoners. In the introduction I write that: “contemporary Soviet camps for political prisoners are as horrible as Stalin’s. In some respects they are better, in some respects worse”…

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(CCE 2,
30 June 1968)